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The Little Canyon That Could: Seminole Canyon is Comstock’s Hidden Gem

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We often hear of Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas Panhandle as being second in size to the Grand Canyon. It generates a lot of tourism press, and there are plenty of pictures available online for those who haven’t visited. It’s beautiful. However, there is a second canyon in Texas that also deserves its day in the sun, and that’s Seminole Canyon in Comstock. With a natural beauty about it that will capture your eye (and possibly your adventurous spirit), this canyon has a rich history written all over it. Literally.

Ancient art covers the walls of Seminole Canyon; pictographs that were created by early humans to tell stories and offer insight into what their daily lives may have been like. Those that aren’t necessarily into such history can’t overlook the surplus of outdoor activities the canyon lends itself to so well – including hiking, geocaching, mountain biking, and camping, among others.

The Little Canyon That Could: Seminole Canyon is Comstock’s Hidden Gem

Photo: Facebook/Seminole Canyon State Park – Texas Parks and Wildlife

Seminole Canyon has 46 campsites (a mixture of serviced and primitive) and clean restrooms and showers for all guests. The views that can be had from various parts of the canyon are hard to beat, including several from the Pecos River Bridge (which runs through the canyon) giving you a birds-eye-view of everything below. It’s a considerably unique experience! First-time and return visitors alike are guaranteeed to have a blast.

Guided hikes are the order of the day (no solo treks, sorry), and they’re offered on three varying trails: one that results in a breathtaking view from a cliff overhang, one that tours the canyon’s most remote areas, and one that shows and discusses parts of the park’s military and railroad history. The opportunities to learn something new with each trip are never limited because what Seminole Canyon might lack in size, it definitely makes up for in character!