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Senior Dogs Get Their Day at Living Grace Canine Ranch

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An extra bit of care for unique elders happens in Bertram every day. Senior dogs are the focus at the large parcel of land called Living Grace Canine Ranch. When Rhonda Minardi’s mother became ill and had to move to assisted living, the care of her older rescue dog was in peril and the idea was planted that mature dogs need a place to go. Later, Minardi adopted abused senior pup Gracie and the idea for the Ranch truly began. Minardi understood senior dogs were often euthanized due to age and long-term health issues. “They’re not done yet just because they’re older,” Minardi told KHOU.com. “They still need to be loved.”

Senior Dogs Get Their Day at Living Grace Canine Ranch

Photo: @louisenordstroms via Twenty20

The five-acre property for Living Grace Canine Ranch is still in the process of building, but the organization is an official 501(c)(3) charity, whose mission is to provide a permanent home for all breeds of senior canines, either sheltered, adoptive-disadvantaged, or re-homed due to a loving owner becoming unable to provide care. This Ranch is a sanctuary for dogs who are elderly, physically, mentally, and emotionally fragile to experience their golden years. A fostering program is also in place!

Senior Dogs Get Their Day at Living Grace Canine Ranch

Photo: @Cheggy via Twenty20

Time runs out quickly for senior dogs in rural shelters who have been abandoned, surrendered, and picked up as strays. Standard procedures for these sites are designed to control over-crowding, not find the animal a home. Holding time can be as short as 72 hours if the dog has a ‘life-limiting’ condition such as cancer, kidney or heart disease. Living Grace Canine Ranch aims to help these dogs with their medical conditions, as well as provide them with love, attention, safe housing, and plenty of treats! The development of this property is ongoing, help them if you can through donations or volunteering. These dogs finally have a place to live out the rest of their lives, thanks to Bertram’s Living Grace Canine Ranch.