Shake Shack Releases a New, Limited-Edition ‘Barbecue’ Menu

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Shake Shack, a popular counter-serve burger chain, has Texas locations in Austin, Dallas, and Houston, and soon, a spot in San Antonio. The company recently released their new, limited-edition menu that features Salted Vanilla Toffee, Mint Cookies & Cream and Mud Pie frozen custards as well as a “barbecue” menu.

For Texans, using the term barbecue might feel misleading since the meat isn’t smoked, but Shack Shake is using barbecue sauce to bring their new offerings a tangy kick. According to their press release, Shack Shake has introduced the BBQ ShackMeister Burger, BBQ Chick’n Shack, and the BBQ Bacon Cheese Fries.

“Our Shack BBQ sauce takes inspiration from a few of our favorite regional BBQ styles, from the thick and rich tomato-based Kansas City style to the tangy South Carolina mustard style, and adds wonderful flavor to our new burger, chicken, and fries,” culinary director Mark Rosati stated.

Even though the barbecue burgers aren’t exactly barbecued, the Dallas Observer says they’re downright delicious. “The BBQ ShackMeister has the griddle-smash and the American cheese, and that’s all it needs. The crinkle-cut fries, vacation-lounging in their creamy cheese sauce and the same sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, are shout-expletives-at-strangers good,” Nick Rallo writes.