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Shark Kidnapped in a Baby Stroller From a Texas Hill Country Aquarium

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In a strange series of events, a shark which had been disguised by its thieves as a baby in a stroller was abducted from the San Antonio Aquarium. The sharknapping occurred on Saturday, July 28. Thankfully, it has since been located and returned, and one of the two suspects is presently in custody.

Named “Miss Helen,” the horn shark is now in quarantine and resting. Aquarium staff say that it’s doing well so far. On the day in question, the shark was taken from an open pool at the Texas Hill Country aquarium. Two men and a woman wrapped it up in a wet blanket, then placed it in a bucket which held some bleach solution.

Shark Kidnapped From Texas Hill Country Aquarium in Baby’s Stroller

Photo: Flickr/Ed Bierman

The public’s assistance was used in tracking the thieves after an aquarium employee noticed the horn shark’s abduction and notified management immediately. Nonetheless, the suspects were able to exit the aquarium undetected and leave by truck. After surveillance footage from the San Antonio Aquarium was released on local media outlets, members of the public assisted authorities in tracking down the truck as of Monday, July 30. Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio said that when police entered the garage and house, it seemed like almost a mock-up of the San Antonio Aquarium. The thief knew how to keep the shark alive, the chief said.

One man has since been charged with theft and charges for two additional people are pending. The San Antonio Aquarium has expressed its gratitude to all involved in the case on their Facebook page, saying, “She is back home, where she belongs! Sharknapping: Unsuccessful! Welcome home Miss Helen! Huge thanks to SAPD and Leon Valley PD for bringing Helen home! The outpouring of community support has also been incredible!”