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Smith County Man Gains 82K Signatures for Anti-Tethering Ordinance

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“Why do we sentence our ‘Best Friend’ to years of entrapment with absolutely no quality of life?” a petition started by a young Texan on ThePetitionSite.com reads. KLTV writes that Josh Kroontje of Smith County wants to see an anti-tethering law put into place to help dogs live better lives, and so far, he has the support of over 82,500 signatures from across the U.S.

Kroontje started his mission after watching a dog that grew up being leashed all day in his neighborhood. “The dog was on the leash as a puppy and I watched it grow and grow, and now it’s been almost two years. I feel really guilty because I feel like I’m not trying hard enough to do something for it,” he told the news.

Texas law currently says that dog owners are only allowed to tether their dogs for up to three hours at a time, but since it’s difficult to enforce. Kroontje wants to see a Smith County ordinance passed that says tethering for any amount of time isn’t allowed.

When KLTV spoke with local Animal Control, LeKisha Stinecipher said, “We have a lot of hunting dogs that it’s difficult to have them inside, but I agree, they don’t need to be out 24/7.”