Six Gnarly Bugs You Do NOT Want To Mess With In the Texas Hill Country

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It might look cute and cuddly, but you’ll certainly regret giving this guy a snuggle. The asp, also called the puss moth caterpillar, delivers a painful sting via the venomous hairs that cover its body. It’s considered the most venomous caterpillar in the United States.  In 1921, schools in San Antonio had to shut down because of an overabundance of these fuzzy hellions so near curious school children.   

No matter what sort of creatures you encounter while visiting the Texas Hill Country, it’s best to leave them alone. Nothing takes the fun out of a vacation faster than a sting and a visit to an urgent care clinic. Packing along a first aid kit never hurts either, when exploring the beautiful terrain of the Hill Country and all of the critters that call it home.

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