Skin in the Game: Where to Go Skinny Dipping in Texas

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Skinny dipping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, that’s for sure, but for those brave souls in search of a little adventure, it’s a fun way to fill the breeze. Did you know Texas legally allows women to go topless? That’s because in the Lone Star State, female breasts are not considered genitalia. Be sure to note, however, state law prohibits reckless exposure of private parts in public. See below for nude-friendly options, load up on the sunscreen and check out these places for sanctioned skinny dipping! And remember: it’s not acceptable to stay on land to watch others skinny dip, be sure to keep your eyes only in contact with other eyes, resist the temptation to steal clothes, and do not take pictures.

Skin in the Game: Where to Go Skinny Dipping in Texas

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Hippie Hollow, 7000 Comanche Trail, Austin. This is the only official clothing-optional public park in Texas. Nudity isn’t required but is acceptable. Be sure to wait until you’ve left the parking lot and are on a trail to strip down. Admission is $15 per vehicle. There will be other people there, so be aware of eyes and crowds during warm weekends. Definitely wear sturdy shoes, as the shores are comprised of large limestone blocks, and you’ll need to climb down them to get to the water.

Riverside Ranch, 1238 County Road 125, Elmendorf. Located on 22 acres in south Texas, this nude-friendly site overlooks the San Antonio River. Both primitive and luxury campsites are available, as well as RV site rentals. Enjoy swimming, horseshoes, and pétanque. The on-site restaurant is open Saturday and Sunday for breakfast and lunch. Only cash or checks are accepted; day rates are $50 for couples and single men, $15 for single women.

Skin in the Game: Where to Go Skinny Dipping in Texas

Facebook/Star Ranch Nudist Club

Star Ranch, 166 Eely Road, McDade. Actually a nudist resort, Star Ranch has been in operation since 1957 and allows day visitors for $30 per pass. Background checks are conducted on all first-time guests. Check their website for fun events such as an annual film festival and 5K races.

McFaddin Beach, Galveston. Although not an official nude beach, topless is allowed per Texas law and this spot is secluded. Rumor has it that the local police will only enforce conduct laws if a complaint is made. Full nudity is illegal, so proceed at your own risk.

Skin in the Game: Where to Go Skinny Dipping in Texas

Facebook/Chaparral Resort

Chaparral Resort, 34 miles southwest of Fort Worth. This clothing optional resort/bed and breakfast features a pool, hot tub, saloon, pool table, slot machines, and a gym. Catering to couples and single women only, you are welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages. Privacy is of utmost importance. Call or email to make reservations.

Lone Star Resort, 3206 County Road 325, Navasota. The camp-like setting at Lone Star Resort makes skinny dipping easy via lake, pool, or hot tub. No lodging is available, but RVs and tent campers are welcome. Day rate is $25, with a college student rate of $15.

Be aware, ladies, those going topless in public can be arrested despite the fact it’s not illegal under state law. If local police choose to do so, they could make an arrest under the pretense of “disorderly conduct.” In some Texas towns, penal codes such as public lewdness and indecent exposure could be employed. Just because toplessness is perfectly legal under the state law doesn’t mean you won’t run into trouble locally. Think carefully before ditching the swimsuit and always stay mindful of others. Like any real adventure, skinny dipping has its own risks and rewards.