SONIC Releases Pickle Juice Slush This Spring to Surprising Critical Acclaim

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The word that SONIC was releasing a Pickle Juice flavored slush in Texas, among its 3,500 locations across the country, came in March of this year. Despite the popular opinion that spread (on social media at least) that the product would be a bomb before it even hit the stores, the company issued the roll-out anyway. They did so, however, in conjunction with three other mainstream snow cone flavors – Blue Hawaiian, Bahama Mama, and Tiger’s Blood.

The concept of the release practically set the internet on its head. How could it possibly be that a company like SONIC would take such a step in the world of the summer slush? The whisper campaign built up such a fascination with the concept that it was practically a hit before one drop of flavoring was touched to ice. People believed it was going to be dill-iscious (wink, wink.)

Scott Uehlein ist the company’s Vice President of Product Innovation and Development. Uehlein stated, “SONIC’s guests are game to try adventurous and fun flavors, so we’ve made it our mission to deliver the best of both worlds when it comes to innovation and variety. The entire Snow Cone Slush lineup – including Pickle Juice, Bahama Mama, Blue Hawaiian and Tiger’s Blood – has a distinctly summertime vibe, allowing our guests to create new summer memories.”

SONIC Releases Pickle Juice Slush This Spring to Surprisingly Critical Acclaim

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In honor of the Pickle Juice and its brother Snow Cone Slush flavors, for a limited time, SONIC has released a Snapchat lens which alters your online presence into one of an ice-cold Pickle Juice Slush world. If you’re on the popular platform, you’ll want to check it out from June 11 through July 29. It’s a pretty big dill for users of the app (har, har.)

Beginning Monday, June 11, the Pickle Juice Slush (available only at SONIC) together with the other tasty summer Snow Cone Slush flavors, can be enjoyed at half-price during happy hour. They’re also customizable. Drinkers can upgrade the experience with candy add-ins like NERDS and Popping Candy, or fruit add-ins such as lime and pineapple or lemon strawberry.