Woman Yells for a Doctor on Southwest Flight, 24 Doctors Respond

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While a Southwest Airlines flight was transporting passengers from Atlanta to Houston, retired Air Force Col. Tom McCay began feeling faint and clammy and eventually lost consciousness. His wife called out for help, hoping a doctor would be on the flight. She definitely wasn’t expecting that about two dozen doctors would volunteer to help the couple in any way they could.

Why did so many doctors happen to be on the flight? Texas Children’s Hospital immunologist Dr. Lenora Noroski told KVUE, “We were returning to Houston from an annual meeting at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, so there were probably more than usual number of doctors on this particular flight.”

USA Today says that several doctors tended to McCay while the rest gave him some space but were ready to jump in at any time if needed. After laying down across several seats, he regained consciousness and was taken to a hospital after the flight landed in Houston. (Thankfully, Houston is McCay’s hometown.)

McCay told the news that since he’s a pilot, he has imagined having to rush to the cockpit of an airliner to help a distressed pilot. He said, “Turns out it was me this time.”