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A Springtime Taco Crawl in the Texas Hill Country Featuring Austin’s Taquerias

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There’s also an extensive list of places you can choose from, which grows, it seems, each year. We’re bound to miss some of your favorites, so don’t hesitate to comment or post the ones we’re clearly missing. But consider Izzoz Tacos (pronounced “E-Zo’s”), Guero’s Taco Bar, and Zocalo Cafe. This last one, on West Lynn Street, has some amazing Tacos de Carnitas you won’t want to miss! Despite your best efforts, a full-on springtime taco crawl in Austin could literally take days. Your taste for tacos may never diminish and the Texas Hill Country food phenomenon that is the Austin taqueria keeps on coming up with great new locations and new menu additions we’ve yet to even think of! So, take those fresh-faced, college-student kids of yours out on the town and tour the city – one taco at a time.

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