Stetson: An American Mainstay, Made in Texas

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Made in Garland, Texas, the Stetson hat has been a symbol for many things. The John B. Stetson company was founded in 1865. Synonymous with the western lifestyle, these hats are perhaps best known for adorning the heads of cowboys and cowgirls throughout the world.

Featured in movies and television around the world, not to mention being worn by the rich and famous, as well as “the guy next door,” the company’s influence in head fashion reaches far and wide. The legacy of its owner lives on with the company’s commitment to style as well as quality, and hand detailing which is second-to-none. Each hat that bears the Stetson name must pass a rigorous inspection stage prior to being shipped to a devoted customer. And even more than a fashion statement, many ranchers across Texas as well as the U.S. purchase Stetsons to help shield them from the elements.

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Made with the highest quality of materials, with a collection that ranges from American bison pelt blends to raffia straw hats, to soft wool felt for fall time, a buyer can feel confident in indulging their need for a luxury such as this, knowing it will last a lifetime. Shared by ABC News, this feature on the great Texas hat makers aired on their “Made in America” challenge for Christmas gifts. Wanting to focus on gift items that people purchased which were made in the U.S., Stetson was highlighted for its style, its local employment, and their potential to be an every-day-wear hat, or something with sleek style for an extra-special occasion. Have you purchased your very own Stetson recently?


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