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As Their Local Store Closed, a Family Recreated a Mini Blockbuster for Their Son With Autism

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In late April, Javier Zuniga posted a series of photos on Twitter showing his 20-year-old brother who has autism grinning from ear to ear after their parents surprised him with his own, person miniature Blockbuster store. The sweetness of the family moment captured many peoples’ hearts, and the content went viral.

Recently, KHOU caught up with the Zuniga family to find out the full story behind the photos. Hector explained that Hector Jr. has been going to Blockbuster video (yes, one still existed in South Texas!) at least once or twice a week for the past seven years. When the family found out that the store was about to close, they knew the news would hurt Hector Jr. “He was walking differently. He was not himself, so he knew he was losing something,” Hector told KHOU.

The family took action and bought a rack, logos, and those famous VHS holders to hold 60 films so Hector Jr. could browse Blockbuster at home. He was absolutely thrilled!

When it comes to going viral, the family is pleased to see the spotlight shined on autism. “All of the sudden the planet knows what my son looks like. My son has friends all over the world. That was one big, big thing for me,” Hector Zuniga told the news.