Stove Top Taco Casserole Brings ‘Cool’ Back to One-Pot Cooking

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We talk about tacos almost on a daily basis here in Texas. Many of us have a favorite hot spot to hit up when we’re looking for one. Some of us have become pros at making a killer taco on our own time at home. But there’s one type of dish that allows you the same great taste with only a little effort. And that’s the Stove Top Taco Casserole from The Texas Chef.

In a one-pan recipe, The Texas Chef shares his secret to great taco taste in a casserole form. It uses some of our traditional favorite tastes from this Mexican-inspired classic, such ingredients as ground beef, bell pepper, whole kernel corn, black beans, and cheese. It all makes this the dinner sensation you would imagine it to be. And the time it takes to make is minimal, consistent with the time it will also take to clean up, considering you’re only making use of one pan in the process.

Stove Top Taco Casserole

Stove Top Taco Casserole Brings ‘Cool’ Back to One-Pot Cooking


Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Ground Beef

Bell Pepper


Black Beans

Beef Broth

Tortilla Chips




The Texas Chef shares the full ingredient listing, all measurements, and the step-by-step instructions for making Stove Top Taco Casserole at the link available here. According to sources, a taco is known as a traditional Mexican meal that consists of a small wheat or corn tortilla filled with toppings. These can include such things as fish, chicken, pork, or beef. They can also be topped a variety of ways, using guacamole, salsa, and a number of vegetables. Once that’s complete, the tortilla would then be folded around that entire mixture, making it easy to be consumed by hand. Conversely, a casserole is traditionally a meal made in a large pan or pot which not only serves as the cooking vessel but also the serving one. Although the concept of such baked dishes has been around for years, the idea of cooking a one-dish meal in this fashion reached a peak in popularity in America around the 1950s. This resulted from the invention or creation of new forms of cookware to prepare them in. Two decades after that, however, a casserole had a slightly less-cool image. But combining our favorite food with this cooking process could definitely amp up our interest in this method of cooking and serving, so we’re not complaining one bit about Stove Top Taco Casserole!