Stronger and Bolder: A Look at the 2020 GMC Sierra Heavy-Duty Trucks

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My husband and I recently spent time learning about the GMC 2020 Sierra Heavy Duty pickup trucks. Our first exposure came during auto show media previews at the State Fair of Texas on September 26, 2019. We were told by an articulate General Motors representative that the new HD is “stronger, bolder, and more capable” than ever before.

He also said the-new truck combines greater trailering capability with technologies that provide a world-class towing experience. The next day, we drove to Fort Worth Stockyards for a lunch meeting with GMC marketing and engineering representatives. We were also offered an opportunity to test the Sierra’s capabilities.

GMC Sierra at River Ranch Stockyards

Stronger and Bolder: A Look at the 2020 GMC Sierra Heavy-Duty Trucks

Photo: Jo Ann Holt

The meeting was held at River Ranch Stockyards, an authentic Western-style event center on the grounds of the old Swift Packing Plant. The center is owned by City Councilman and rancher Steve Murrin, affectionately known as the Mayor of the Stockyards for his successful campaign to have Fort Worth stockyards designated a historic district.

We enjoyed a Tex-Mex lunch buffet catered by the River Ranch staff while learning more details about the GMC Sierra heavy-duty trucks. After GMC engineer Shawn Norwood told us about the Sierra’s innovative towing technology, we were invited outside for hands-on demonstrations and towing opportunities with the new truck. Sure enough, the Sierra’s advanced towing systems make towing seem easy. Even for novices (like me) who haven’t towed anything before.

Stronger and Bolder: A Look at the 2020 GMC Sierra Heavy-Duty Trucks

Photo: GMC

The Sierra HD has an enhanced ProGrade Trailering system that features 15 camera views, including a transparent trailer view that lets you virtually see through a trailer in tow. This was amazing to watch! Also their smart trailer integrates an iN∙Command® control system from ASA Electronics. Using this technology, the driver can monitor and control select functions of the trailers through a “myGMC” mobile app. The icing on the cake is their exclusive 15” diagonal head-up display. This display offers useful trailering information at eye-level so the driver doesn’t have to search for it.

“Trailering is the most important consideration for Sierra Heavy Duty customers, and the new features and technologies in the 2020 Sierra HD make it easier than ever to hitch a trailer and tow it confidently,” said Jaclyn McQuaid, Vehicle Chief Engineer, Heavy Duty Trucks. “We’ve developed this new truck to offer the greatest trailering experience ever offered by GMC.”

Along with all their first-ever or first-in-class functions, the 2020 Sierra HD also boasts the world’s first six-function tailgate. MultiPro is a tech-savvy tailgate that makes loading and unloading much easier, available on all Sierra HD trims.

Carbon Fiber Truck Bed Can’t Be Hurt

Stronger and Bolder: A Look at the 2020 GMC Sierra Heavy-Duty Trucks

Photo: Jo Ann Holt

Another interesting demonstration came when engineer Norwood invited us to try to make a dent in the carbon fiber truck bed of the Sierra HD. My husband (car writer Durhl Caussey) took the challenge, grabbing a metal baseball bat and banging it repeatedly on the truck bed. All in vain. Just as advertised, you can beat it with a bat, but you can’t hurt it—not even dent it.

The 2020 Sierra 2500 HD has an MSRP of $41,595, while the 3500 has a starting price of $42,795.The new 6.6-liter V-8 gas engine is rated at 401 HP and 464 lb-ft of torque. The Duramax 6.6 liter V-8 turbo-diesel engine operates on Allison 10-speed automatic transmission. More than half of Sierra heavy-duty owners choose the Denali trim, since it offers the top-grade professional materials.

GMC’s 2020 Sierra Heavy Duty truck is offered in Sierra, SLE, SLT, and new AT4 models off-road models. Denali and AT4 models are offered exclusively in 4WD. Visit to learn more!