Sugar Land Erects a Selfie Statue, and People Are Angry

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Part of a series of 10 sculptures erected in Sugar Land, this selfie statue is getting serious backlash from residents and out-of-staters alike.

The statue made national news last week and is of two women smiling for a selfie, as one holds her cellphone in front of the two. As ABC News reported, “Some residents took to social media to voice their outrage after word went out – mistakenly – that the city paid for the monuments as part of a beautification project.”

What most residents didn’t know prior to the social media outrage was that this, and nine other sculptures, were erected around the city by Samuel Levin, a generous resident who wanted a role in the beautification project the city was proposing. All statues were approved in 2014, and the other pieces of the collection aren’t getting nearly as much attention as the selfie statue.

While the backlash probably won’t stop, it’s important to take a look at the other statues in the collection because they showcase the creativity and kindness that run throughout Sugar Land.

The collection was meant to showcase everyday life in Sugar Land, and whether we want to believe it or not, selfies are a huge part of life now.