Cross a Suspension Bridge on a Hike Through Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge

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Located just south of Alamo, Texas, is a hike through some of the most beautiful scenery you can experience in all of the Lone Star State. Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge is an historic preserve featuring 14 miles of trails through Spanish moss trees, an impressive rope bridge canopy walk (or suspension bridge), and even a cemetery. The scenery is like that of a postcard, and the ecological diversity is incomparable!

Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge covers an area just over 2,000 acres. It’s believed to be the “jewel of the National Wildlife Refuge” resulting from its exceptional position at the juncture of a variety of ecosystems. Such unique positioning makes for a biological diversity which is unparalleled. The wildlife which can be seen and experienced here is quite amazing, including rare birds and butterflies. Another exceptional opportunity for viewing is the experience of crossing the rope bridge canopy walk. Are you brave enough to walk this suspension bridge to the end? Suspended between two massive towers, this vantage point gives guests to Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge an aerial view of its expansive forest canopy.

Cross a Suspension Bridge on a Hike Through Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge

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In addition to the canopy walk, there are a number of hikes in Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge that pass along the Rio Grande River. The close proximity to such a powerful water source as this is inspiring in itself. The nature tram through the wildlife refuge provides a 1.5-hour tour throughout seven miles of the property, stopping at historic Santa Ana Cemetery. Here lie the remains of Cristoval Leal, who was the adopted son of the original grantee, together with the remains of his wife. Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge tour guides can go into great detail about the history of the refuge and the cemetery, including a tomb raid that took place, leaving bones scattered on the property for close to 30 years. There are also several nearby campgrounds that serve to make this trip one spectacular outdoor experience, from beginning to end.