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No Oceans Needed: You Can Swim With Dolphins in the Texas Hill Country

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Swimming with the dolphins is a common item on many wish lists. Many people are drawn to dolphins because of their intelligence (not to mention soulful eyes). In fact, dolphins are said to be as smart as apes, and scientists theorize that the evolution of their larger brains is startlingly similar to that of humans. Some people save for years for that tropical vacation so they can experience coming up close and personal with one of nature’s most intelligent and peaceful creatures. The good news is there’s no need to jet off to to the Caribbean in order to swim with the dolphins–you can swim with them right here in the middle of the Texas Hill Country!

‘Dolphinitely’ Don’t Miss This Experience


Photo: Facebook/SeaWorld

SeaWorld San Antonio offers various animal encounters at its theme park. Among the most popular of these encounters are the guided dolphin interactions. During the “Swim with Dolphins,” experience at the park’s Discovery Point Dolphin Lagoon, guests are able to get in the water with the animals while trainers are on hand to introduce the dolphins to the guests. During their time spent with the dolphins, guests can pet, rub, and even steal a smooch from these friendly mammals of the ocean. To participate in the dolphin swim experience, participants must be at least 48” tall. The price for this experience begins at $125 per person.

Something For the Landlubbers, Too


Photo: Facebook/SeaWorld

For you landlubbers, SeaWorld San Antonio also offers a Dolphin Encounter experience which takes place entirely on dry land. During this experience, guests get up close and personal with bottlenose dolphins as they are guided through their interactions with their trainers. This fun tour is open to guests ages 3 years and up and begins at $40.

Penguins, Whales, and Sea Lions

beluga whale

Photo: Facebook/SeaWorld San Antonio

If other types of ocean animals intrigue you, SeaWorld San Antonio also offers opportunities to swim with beluga whales and sea lions. If colder-climate creatures are your thing, be sure to bundle up and spend some time with the penguins. During the Penguin Encounter Experience, you’ll get to join the over 100 penguins in their snow-covered habitat. See the penguins swoop and swim in the icy waters during this hour-long experience.

To learn more about all of the fun to be had at SeaWorld San Antonio this summer, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.