Swing Beds Combine the Peacefulness of a Porch Swing with Couch Comfort

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Before central air and all manner of electric fans, the porch swing was the way to cool off in Texas. A refuge for the hot and bothered, not to mention a romantic spot for those who wished to “pitch woo,” the front porch swing became the spot to seek respite from the hot Texas sun and stay out of the stuffiness that could be found indoors. It was also considered a great spot for visiting and sipping a cool glass of sweet tea, not to mention storytelling!

Although the porch has continued to be synonymous with a southern way of life, the porch swing has taken on a brand new persona – that of the luxurious swing bed. Roomier and generally loaded with the types of cushions and fabric that are aesthetically pleasing yet easy to clean, these are some Texas-sized statement pieces that combine the peacefulness of the porch swing with the comfort of a couch. Here are a few to get you thinking about your own personal swing bed style.

1. Outdoor Living-It-Up

Swing Beds: Peacefulness of a Porch Swing Combined with Couch Comfort

Photo: Instagram/swingsandmore

Companies like this offer customized, handmade swing beds that have superior quality and craftsmanship. The supports, color, and styling can all be up to you! That means there’s no limit to the original design, nor the number of times you change out the cushions – it will always speak of your personal taste and the comfort that awaits people on your front porch.

2. Southern Comfort

Swing Beds: Peacefulness of a Porch Swing Combined with Couch Comfort

Photo: Instagram/magnoliaporchswings

This has to be one of the coziest swing beds we’ve ever seen! Its cool, crisp styling coupled with the luxury of a swath of puffy throw-pillows can’t hurt one bit.

The throw that you bring out can be any color or style of your choosing. It won’t take away from the classic look you’ve achieved with this piece of porch magic.

3. Classic and Cool

Swing Beds: Peacefulness of a Porch Swing Combined with Couch Comfort
Photo: Instagram/industrialenvy

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