Taco Bell is Opening a Pop-Up Themed Hotel and Resort

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Those who say they eat, sleep, and breathe Taco Bell will soon be able to live up to the second part of their statement when the popular fast food chain opens its own hotel —for a limited time only. Over the course of three nights in the month of August 2019, Taco Bell is going to take over a Palm Springs hotel, complete with themed décor in addition to its signature menu items and cocktails

Those in Texas may not be too keen for two reasons: 1) it’s happening in California, and 2) it’s Taco Bell. But balk if you will—the chain was voted the best Mexican restaurant in America in 2018! More than 77K U.S. citizens voted for it, so there’s that. Perhaps the Texas votes didn’t count? But we digress. This latest project by the popular chain will be called The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort. The parent company will be releasing more information on June 21, 2019, and the pop-up experience is said to be opening on August 9, 2019.

Taco Bell is Opening a Pop-Up Themed Hotel and Resort

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The fast-food chain’s Taco Bell-themed hotel will include gift shop items from the summer accessory line the company just released, and the pool will boast floats which are designed to look like hot sauce packets! And ladies, if you’re so bold, you can get Taco Bell nail art done at the on-site salon. The company will also be debuting some new menu items at the hotel as well. There has been no word which hotel will be hosting the event, as of yet. However, reservations will begin to be taken in the month of June. If you think this is an odd step for the restaurant to take, in truth, it’s not an unprecedented move. In 2001, the McDonald’s chain opened a hotel in Switzerland, featuring headboards designed to look like the golden arches! As a full-time venue, however, it shuttered its doors two years later. What do you think? Would you stay at a Taco Bell hotel?