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Woman Posts that She Received ‘Teeth’ in Her Barbacoa in Pflugerville

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On Sunday, MySA.com reports that Courtney Aguilar lost her appetite at El Rincon Mexican Restaurant in Pflugerville after she found what she thought were teeth in her barbacoa tacos. She posted a photo on Facebook that quickly spread through the internet with people joining in with her disgust.

Once restaurant manager Roger Baza heard, he explained that the “teeth” were actually beef lips, which have soft nodules that could look like rows of teeth. He said their barbacoa supply comes from San Antonio company Laxson.

Mike Sutter, a food writer with the San Antonio Express News, explains that barbacoa will often have an odd bit of meat due to how it’s prepared. “It starts with a whole skinned cow’s head, wrapped in burlap and baling wire and buried in a smoking hole in the ground overnight. In the morning, somebody with a sledgehammer opens up that skull and the harvesting begins: all the fatty and lean soft tissue from lip to crown. Sometimes the brains, sometimes the eyes, sometimes the tongue if it’s not being held out for lengua,” he said.

Since the incident took place and spread around social media, El Rincon and Aguliar have posted that they worked out the issue. El Rincon says they’re looking for another distributor for their meat, according to their Facebook post that concludes the issue.