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Verde Chili Cookoff: Turning Terlingua Green Celebrates Its 2nd Year

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Though called a bowl of red, chili may also be green. For the second year, the famed Terlingua Chili Cookoff will turn green during the Tolbert Mild Bill’s Verde Chili Cookoff. This event brings a new flavor to the world-renowned festival. Whether you love traditional Texas chili or crave something milder, make plans to visit Terlingua this November 1 through 4 for the 51st  Terlingua International Chili Cookoff.

What is Verde Chili?

Pork Chili Verde

Photo: Facebook/Hispanic Kitchen

Verde chili does not taste the same as the traditional Texas chili you likely know. Texas chili gets its color from fully ripened red chile peppers. Usually, tomatoes and beans stay out of the most traditional Texas chili recipes. Verde chili does not use ripe red chili peppers and instead opts for green chilis. These tend to create a milder dish, and meats used can include pork or chicken. To enhance the green color, some cooks use tomatillos. The inclusion of green chiles and meat in a dish are requirements for the Verde Chili Cookoff in Terlingua, but the rules prohibit some other ingredients.

The Competition

Turning Terlingua Green Verde Chili Cookoff

Photo: Facebook/OTICCC

The Verde Chili Cookoff will have rules that participants must adhere to in order to avoid disqualification. Meat and green chiles must be included in the recipe, but potatoes, beans, pasta, and garnishes are prohibited. As part of the competition, cooks must prepare the chili on site. The Verde Chili Cookoff happens on Thursday, November 2. And, those competing for the Verde cookoff title do not have to qualify for the main chili competition.

About the Terlingua Chili Cookoff

OTICC Logo for the Terlingua Chili Cookoff Festival

Photo: Facebook/Viva Terlingua 50

The Terlingua Chili Cookoff is the competition that started it all in 1967. This event matches cooks from across the country to see who makes the best “Bowl of Red” in the world. Participants must qualify for this event by winning a local qualifier competition. Chili submissions must adhere to the strict rules, which include not using commercial chili mixes or using beans, pasta, or rice. Yes, Texas chili does not include beans.