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Texan Survives Fall into Trash Compactor

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It’s astounding what people can survive. Recently, ABC reported that a Texas man was found after he had nearly been crushed by a trash compactor. The man, said to be in his 60s, had fallen asleep in a dumpster which was lifted up and poured into a truck that compacted the trash. No one noticed him until after the truck reached a transfer station in Wichita Falls.

The truck tipped its load over into a pit, and finally, the unconscious man was discovered. If workers hadn’t seen him, he could have been compacted again before being dropped off at a landfill. He’s now receiving care in a hospital.

Sadly, this isn’t an isolated incident. Last year, according to the New York Post, another homeless man was awakened by a drop into a garbage truck after he had fallen asleep inside a dumpster. The truck compacted the trash from that dumpster as well as another stop before the man could find a way to crawl out. Like this recent incident, he could have been seriously injured or killed by the massive machinery. It’s amazing that both men were able to endure these odd and unfortunate incidents.