Texans Eat The Strangest Things! Bizarre Texas Foods Part One

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Texas is a mix of many things: cultures, geography, history, and borders. Along the way, we picked up things and developed our own. One can simply look to the strangest foods of the Lone Star State to know we like to try just about everything. Although not only found in Texas, here are just a few examples of some strange menu items!

Rattlesnake: if it doesn’t take us down, we’re going to fry it and eat it! Like many atypical proteins, this creature tastes like chicken. If you want to try it, go to a restaurant that serves it. Hunting venomous snakes is very dangerous, even when they are decapitated. Rattlesnakes destined for the dinner plate are skinned, gutted, and typically fried. Be warned: this is a bony meal so take your time consuming it. And make sure they give you a big one!

Texans Eat The Strangest Things! Bizarre Texas Foods Part One

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Frito pie: several states claim the origin of this dish, but the oldest known published recipe using Fritos brand corn chips with chili hails from Texas in 1949. A favorite on cool nights and a popular hot meal from a concession stand, this treat is much easier than hunting rattlesnake. Open a small bag of corn chips, pour in chili, onions, and cheese, then garnish with jalapenos if you’re up to it. Fun fact: Disneyland opened Casa de Fritos restaurant in 1955 with “Frito Chili Pie” on the menu.

Venison: Texas is not a place to assume the meat is from a cow. Venison, also known as deer, is often found in the form of jerky, summer sausage, ground, bacon, and filet. With a light gamey flavor and versatility much appreciated around the country, cuts are similar to beef. This animal population is also quite sustainable. In fact, the chain restaurant Arby’s once tested a venison burger!

Texans Eat The Strangest Things! Bizarre Texas Foods Part One
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