Texarkana Police Say Rumors of Lurking Creepy Clowns Are Untrue

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Many adults are terrified of clowns, especially when they’re seen completely out of place and have ill intentions. This fear is what most likely prompted pranksters across the country to start a social media hoax saying clowns are on the loose and searching for children, but for many Texarkana residents, this joke simply isn’t funny.

After a (since removed) post went up from Tennessee authorities warning parents of child predators dressed as clowns, the rumor eventually spread to Texarkana. Many people called the police wondering if the stories were true, so the Texarkana Police Department posted about the rumor on their Facebook page to give residents peace of mind.

According to KTBS, Officer Shawn Vaughn wrote:

“There have apparently been a lot of rumors floating around social media this weekend about evil clowns running around Texarkana. Some have said that they are attempting to lure children into the woods to kidnap them. There is absolutely nothing to any of this. We assure you that there are absolutely no evil clowns around here and all the children have been accounted for. If you do happen to see a clown driving down the road or standing on the street corner, just turn and go the other direction. Unless they are actually committing a crime, please do not call 9-1-1. However – just to be on the safe side – please don’t accept any invitations you might receive from a clown to come to the woods. We’ve all seen enough movies to know that would probably not end well.”

Now, some parents are concerned that the continuous spread of the rumor might give someone the idea to actually do it. Hopefully, the cruel joke will blow over soon.