Texas Apple Strudel Brings Back Fond Childhood Memories

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Many of you will remember from your childhoods, growing up here in Texas, the delicious foods that only a family from the Lone Star State had the pleasure of experiencing. Texas Apple Strudel is one of them. This dessert was often referred to as Apple Burritos (because that’s more what they looked like), but no matter what you called it, it was still a mouthwatering treat everyone looked forward to tasting.

Texas Apple Strudel isn’t really strudel at all. Shared by The Texas Chef, this dessert dish can be “dressed up and served as a dessert or it can be a great snack or something special for cookouts or picnics or company.” Not only that, but owing to the fact that fall is just about to close, and fresh apples may not necessarily be what you have access to, or have the time to go out and pick, this recipe makes use of sliced, canned apples. Plus, the flour tortillas they’re rolled up into come a dime-a-dozen around here! On top of that, if your entire family doesn’t somehow devour these in a heartbeat, they’re known to last a good while in the fridge (approximately three days). Will you actually still have them in there that long? It’s doubtful!

Texas Apple Strudel

Texas Apple Strudel Brings Back Fond Childhood Memories

Photo: The Texas Chef


Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Canned Sliced Apples



Corn Starch

Flour Tortillas


The Texas Chef shares the full ingredient listing, measurements, and all of the instructions for making Texas Apple Strudel at the The Texas Chef website. There are also details on the sweet sugar topping you’ll want for this scrumptious dessert. This recipe makes four to six of these little numbers, and if you’re thinking of making or having more, you’ll simply need to double or triple your ingredient listing. Otherwise, these are quick and easy to make, and for that, you’ll have a Texas treat in your hands in no time flat!