Never Too Late: This Texas Ballerina Continues to Amaze Crowds at 78

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“People in care centers can relate to me because I’m about the same age,” she told “I hope to get them interested in exercise. Plus, I enjoy showing them that it’s never too late to do something you love.” Angela Sham, owner and Director of the Royale Ballet Dance Academy, says that Poole’s joy is infectious and she serves as an inspiration to all the students. Poole has helped her students gain confidence in themselves as dancers, and their admiration for her runs deep.

Never Too Late: This Texas Ballerina Continues to Amaze Crowds at 78

Photo: Facebook/Royale Ballet Dance Academy

Poole continues in her passion, often wearing her 1960s Bloch ballet slippers, which have given her half a century of support. Despite the fact that this ballerina still makes spotlight performances, her passion for teaching children ballet has brought her far more satisfaction. Over the years, she has estimated that she’s taught thousands of them how to count music, proper ballet positions, and proper pronunciation. The joy she fills from watching the children dance is what keeps her going. Her method of performance and teaching combines strength and delicacy. And to watch her, clad in toe shoes and classic costume, with her white hair in a bun, is to see poise, presence, and perfect posture, deserving of a standing ovation.

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