Texas Black-Eyed Pea Restaurants Abruptly Close

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The Black-Eyed Pea is a chain of restaurants long known for their Southern-style food that comes to the table in large portions in the laid-back family restaurant. Many Texans know the business’s comfort food well, and some might even remember that they served black-eyed peas with every meal on New Year’s Day as a tradition.

But according to WFAA, 10 months ago, Black-Eyed Pea “filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection,” and now, 12 out of 13 of the restaurants in Texas have suddenly closed. Only a single Texan Black-Eyed Pea currently remains in Arlington, while a North Dallas location posted a sign on their door that said they were only “temporarily closed.”

Phones are down in all of the restaurants except for the one in Arlington where employees have no explanation for the abrupt closings. Employees from the closed locations are choosing to not comment on the matter until they receive their last paycheck, although servers from the North Dallas store say they were busy as usual up until the last day.

WFAA notes that after the company filed for bankruptcy,  “[They] renegotiated leases and retooled the menu, but apparently, recently did not pay rents on some locations.” In fact, they were locked out of their Mesquite location due to unpaid rent. Their future is unknown.