Texas Breakfast Casserole Will Feed a Hungry Crew… and Then Some

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There’s nothing quite like the idea of having a hearty breakfast on the weekend and kicking your family’s day off right. A great meal to start the day, paired with a hot cup of coffee, maybe a biscuit or two, and time spent together talking about plans for the weekend ahead isn’t bad at all. Is it dreamy? Yes. Is it unachievable? Heck, no! Texas Breakfast Casserole helps you get the job done, feed your hungry family, and not have to stand on your head doing so in the process. You’ll even get to sit down with them to enjoy this wonderfully hearty, Lone Star State-inspired dish.

Shared by The Texas Chef, this unique egg-based casserole incorporates brisket, cheese, onions, bell peppers and jalapeno pepper to create a dish your family will love! And you’ll like it because you can mix everything up in one bowl, bake it for just a little over a half-an-hour, and when it’s all said and done, the amount of dishes left behind is minimal. The site recommends pairing this delicious breakfast dish with home fries and buttermilk biscuits, not to mention some homemade gravy. In truth, this could go quite well with crisp bacon or sausage, and perhaps some toast to seal the deal.

Texas Breakfast Casserole

Texas Breakfast Casserole Will Feed a Hungry Crew… and Then Some


Key ingredients for this recipe include:






Bell Peppers



The Texas Chef shares the full ingredient list for Texas Breakfast Casserole at the link provided here. This includes easy-to-follow instructions, baking time, and serving suggestions. The site notes that this recipe is “a great Saturday morning or Sunday morning breakfast dish… packed with the flavors of Texas… It is not complicated to make and can feed a house full and put smiles on their faces. All you need is an oven and a hungry crew.” It’s not lying. This meal is so hearty, your family will feel they’re set for whatever the day holds ahead, and then some!