The Good Old Days: Texas Christmas Images From the Past

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Nostalgia always comes to the forefront during the holiday season. While caring for loved ones now is important, it’s also good to reminisce about Christmases past. Check out these Texas Christmas images from days gone by for a brief trip down memory lane.

Going to a Party

Texas Christmas Women going to a Late Christmas Party in January

Photo: Flickr/miatamaniac92

These young women are going to a belated Texas Christmas party in January 1961. The Austinites are proudly holding up their Lone Star Beer, which seems to be their contribution to the festivities.

Family Holiday in Corpus Christi

Texas Christmas family in 1948

Photo: Flickr/Jay Phagan

This family portrait from Christmas Day in 1948 is taken in Corpus Christi. Look at the details you would never see in a picture today. One of the men has a cigarette, the kids have toy guns and cowboy hats, and the women have perfectly primped hair.

Christmas at LBJ Ranch

Texas Christmas Day at the LBJ Ranch in 1963

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

President Lyndon B. Johnson, from Johnson City, Texas, spends Christmas Day with his family at his ranch in 1963. This Texas Christmas brought the eyes of the nation to the area as the president holidayed with his loved ones.

Denton Library Christmas Party

Texas Christmas Party for Emily Fowler Library 1977

Photo: Flickr/Denton Library

Most people attend some form of office holiday party, and this image shows one from the Emily Fowler Library in Denton in 1977. Library director Joella Orr sits on the far right of the image. This group really seems to be in a festive mood.

Laredo in 1944

Texas Christmas Laredo in 1944

Photo: Flickr/Irene Vidaurri Zubeck

Hulda Kirkpatrick Vidaurri on Christmas Day in Laredo in 1944 just received a radio for the holiday. Check out the beaded curtains and the tinsel-covered Christmas tree on the table. The modern radio on the table is also a slice of nostalgia.

Georgetown Christmas

Texas Hill Country Christmas Georgetown 2013

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Even contemporary Christmases in Georgetown hearken back to days gone by. Though taken in 2013, this picture of downtown Georgetown, Texas, feels as though it could have been taken 50 years ago.