Texas Cupcake Wars

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The official show Cupcake Wars, was a series on the Food Network, pitting 4 of the country’s top bakers against each other for a prize totaling $10,000 as well as the opportunity to showcase their cupcake creations at a major event, not to mention accolades and modest stardom. It aired for 9 seasons in its 4-year run, featuring many of the nation’s top chef and sous-chef teams. Contestants were eliminated one-by-one through a series of 3 rounds, after which a cupcake king or queen was crowned (not literally, but you get the picture). Round one was based around taste, round two around both taste and presentation, and round three (the most difficult) saw the final 2 teams in a 2-hour head-to-head, making 1 thousand cupcakes. This round required that each team feature improved versions of their previous submissions as well as present them in an intricate exhibit related to that episode’s theme.

Texas Cupcake Wars

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Over time, the sensation, like some people’s appetites, diminished in size, leaving in the lead only the biggest and brightest business and baking guru’s combined. As the flour dust settles, and the prize for deliciousness is being awarded, Cupprimo Cupcakery in Austin remains triumphant. Producing such mouthwatering wonders as Chocolate Raspberry, Mango Mimosa, and Longhorn Brownie among its thirty-three flavors, including 6 that are gluten-free (Red Velvet or Dulce De Leche anyone?). Its cupcakes are the frosting-to-cake-ratio stuff that dessert-lover dreams are made of. Check them out on Spicewood Springs Rd. (a name that just sounds like a place such a bakery would be), because if you are what you eat, wouldn’t you rather be a cupcake than a salad any day?

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