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Texas Flooding Overflows Oil Wells, Fracking Sites

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The recent Texas flooding has overwhelmed oil wells and fracking sites, overflowing crude oil and chemicals into rivers statewide.

With the onset of storms finally subsiding, state officials have begun to assess the entirety of the damage caused by the flooding that occurred across the state.

As KIII reported, “state emergency management officials have taken dozens of photographs that show sheens and plumes spreading from tipped tanks and flooded production sites” of the Sabine River flood on the Louisiana-Texas border.

There is a potential risk, as Dr. Walter Tsou expressed, that the chemicals and fracking fluids will get into the streams, creeks, and groundwater. It has actually already happened, as he stated that “cattle that drank the fracking fluid actually died an hour after drinking it.”

The Texas Railroad Commission has also stated that it is effectively responding to the incidents with appropriate measures, but the photos are damning evidence against those claims. This flood-related runoff could cause serious damage.