Texas Hiking: When Was the Last Time Somebody Set Foot Where You Did?

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Narrated by J.D. Robb, a certified hiking guide in Texas, an official “Things to Do in Texas” video by Texas Tourism featuring hiking highlights provides viewers with the opportunity to see trails in Texas that beckon the avid fan, and tempt the newbie. Posted on their official YouTube channel, the video focuses on all of the great highlights of Big Bend National Park, which is Robb’s favorite place to talk about.

Mentioning the fact that many a visitor is immediately amazed at the amount of color that can be found in Big Bend National Park, to say that the Chihuahuan Desert is “breathtaking” would be an understatement. The views that can be had when hiking through this park in the daytime are surpassed only by its beauty at night. Being one of the darkest places in Texas, the stars that can be seen so clearly from a spot in the park are like no other views anywhere else on Earth.

Noting the vast expanse of Big Bend National Park, Robb mentions that one is never quite sure of when the last time was that anyone set foot in the same spot before. Rugged and remote, he is quoted in the video saying, “This is a true frontier,” and he’s absolutely enthused about it like any proud Texas would be. Hiking opportunities in this park lend themselves to views of a place that’s the last of its kind, including plant and animal life that shock first-time visitors and they’re welcomed to go off-trail, explore everything they see, and thoroughly enjoy themselves in this West Texas wonder.