Texas Hill Country Animals, Critters, Creatures, and Wildlife

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The Texas Hill Country is for the birds, literally. Since Texas is so large, it’s inevitable that we also have an abundance of wildlife. Several of them are native only to the Lone Star State. For example, if you want to see the green kingfisher in flight, The Texas Hill country is the only place in the USA where you can actually view one, or should we say, hundreds.

Green Kingfisher

green kingfisher


This part of the country is notorious for magnificent bird watching. There are numerous guides and clubs to join where you can spend hours being mesmerized by the unique fowl of this particular area. See these amazing specimens of pure nature in your own leisure without clubs and tours. Regardless of how you come, you’ll be in awe with the sounds and sights of these beauties. Songbirds fill our trees in beautiful harmony and the skies are bursting in color with the most gorgeous of feathered friends. It is something everyone should see at least once in their lifetime.

Guadalupe Bass

guadalupe bass


Another critter unique to Texas, which is not found anywhere else on earth, is the Guadalupe Bass. Although it’s called a “bass,” it’s actually is a member of the sunfish family. This species is generally greenish in color and lives in small streams. At its largest, the Guadalupe Bass weighs in at three and one half pounds.

It makes its home in the San Antonio, Guadalupe, Colorado, and Brazos Rivers. As a matter of fact, the official state fish is the Guadalupe Bass. It was chosen to represent the state because it is truly different from any other species of bass, or for that matter fish in general. It’s very distinctive, exclusive, and beautiful.

Whitetail Deer

whitetail deer
Photo: Courtesy of Whispering Water Ranch Resort

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