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Texas Humor So Funny it Hurts: Do You Have a Whisk Broom?

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“To this day, I don’t recall the lady’s reaction, but that could be because I was rolling on the ground, laughing hysterically,” Dennis finished.

Texas Humor So Funny it Hurts: Do You Have a Whisk Broom?

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I have told this story scores of times, and it’s most interesting what the outcome will be. Most young people or teenagers don’t laugh because they don’t know what a whisk broom is or who Jayne Mansfield was. Young and middle-aged women don’t think it’s funny because they feel sorry for the poor woman not getting to go to the restroom. Urban women don’t understand the mechanics of an air hose and rarely wash their own car, much less clean out the floorboard. These types of folks rarely laugh.

Older people, like myself and others from small towns think it’s hilarious, probably because we all can remember someone like the filling station attendant from our own past. Whatever you think, I believe it is a wonderful, charming story. Next time we meet, let me know your thoughts. If you don’t like it, be gentle with me. But be prepared, just reminding me of the whisk broom story will cause me to laugh.

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