Texas’ Iconic Restaurant Whataburger Honors Their Biggest Fan with Beautiful Tribute

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If you’ve every lived, visited or even heard of Texas, you’ve heard of the iconic fast food restaurant Whataburger. From their made-to-order burgers to their crisp golden fries and onion rings, there is something for every one to enjoy. What you may not know of, however, is the Texas-sized heart this franchise has. On March 4th, Whataburger fondly honored their ‘Number One Fan’ with a beautiful post honoring her memory.

2010’s Biggest Fan Winners

Carol and Karl Hoepfner sitting in front of the Gulf Coast wearing Whataburger tshirts


Basing their decision to retire in Texas just to be close to their favorite burger, Karl and Carol Hoepfner made it pretty easy to be crowned “Whataburger’s Biggest Fans” in 2010. Well, that, and the fact that they had already eaten over 7,000 meals at their local Whataburger in Rockport, Texas. Being married for 59 years, the Hoepfner’s decided to hit the road with this new found fame. Armed with $1,000 worth of $7 Whataburger gift cards to distribute to various charities and homeless individuals, they set off to visit every one of the 722 chain restaurants across 10 states. Despite having just undergone chemotherapy for eye cancer, Carol was set on reaching their goal. She even documented her visits with a scrapbook entitled “Whataburger’s Biggest Fans – Travel Journal”, filling it with receipts, photos and autographs.

Good Time Travelin’ 

Carol and Karl Hoepfner pose in front of their new minivan, a gift from Whataburger

Whataburger was so touched by Karl and Carol’s quest, they surprised the Hoepfner’s with a brand new minivan in 2013. Despite the toll the cancer was taking on her, Carol soldiered on, continuing to bring joy and laughter to each franchise she visited. In turn, each location greeted her with banners, cake and warm smiles. As Karl fondly recalls, however, they did not eat at every stop on their trek. If they had, he quips, they’d weigh over 300 pounds each! So the journey continued, stopping in at the famous orange and white striped buildings to make memories with their extended Whataburger family.

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