Texas Man Lands Enormous Lake Trout After Epic 35-Minute Battle

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A Texas man recently made a big catch he’ll be talking about for years to come. Chris Dickson went on a seven-day fishing trip to Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories of Canada. It was planned out down to the smallest details. Every morning, he would start out by having a cup of coffee with a splash of Bailey’s in it and then fish from a boat from 8 a.m. to approximately 12:45 p.m. Following a great lunch (usually blackened or fried trout, potatoes, beans, and corn,) he would head out for another round of fishing. On this trip, however, he reeled in a beauty of a fish and came home with a great story to tell.

On August 15, a 35-pound lake trout was on the end of Dickson’s line after he took 35 minutes to reel it in. In comparison, it’s been noted that the average size catch for this type of fish is up to 10 pounds. It’s rare to catch a 15-pound trout (which is considered big,) but a 35-pound lake trout is a granddaddy! Dickson felt an amazing sense of pride wash over him. As soon as he released the fish back into the water, like any true fisherman, Dickson was excited to try to catch another.

Texas Man Lands Enormous Lake Trout After 35-Minute Battle

Photo: Facebook/Rhonda Drew

Having the fish make his presence known to Dickson in this lake is also a bit of a feat. Great Slave Lake is enormous (even by Texas standards,) and the odds that this fish would meet up with this Texas angler are minuscule… but, that’s what happened. Out of more than 11K square miles of lake from which to fish, the two came head to head. To hear Dickson tell it, however, there’s more to this trip than simply a great fishing story. He noted that the time spent with friends amid the stunning natural beauty was second to none.