Texas Music Spotlight: Zane Williams

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This week’s edition of the Texas Music Spotlight shines on Zane Williams. When I first met Zane in March of 2016, I interviewed him for “5 Texas Country Artists You Need to Check Out Now.” As a matter of fact, those are his guitar cases featured in the main photo. Last week, I caught up with him at The County Line in San Antonio Texas. Prior to the show, we sat down over a couple of ice cold beverages and caught up.

Hardship on the Road

Texas Music artist Zane William's Busted Tour Bus

Photo: Facebook/ZaneWilliams

As any independent artist can attest to, the road is a long hard ride. From setting up your own equipment and merch table, to figuring out where to park the bus for the night, a lot of the details fall on your shoulders. With the help of his tour manager, band, and crew, Zane takes every one of these things (and more) in stride. He’s not above driving the bus to the nearest Whataburger for a late night bite, or even reaching out to fans for help when the tour bus breaks down. He good-naturedly documented one such time on Facebook Live on a May afternoon when the tour bus busted a serpentine belt. He jogged in the direction of a local auto parts store (in boots, jeans, and a cowboy hat!), only to realize he had gone the wrong way. With a show scheduled only hours away, he did what any resourceful artist would do. He found a bike shop, got himself a new set of wheels, and continued on to save the day. That just goes to show you that he’s Texas like that. 

Throwback Thursday

Texas Musci artist Zane William's Overnight Success

Photo: Youtube

Summer in San Antonio means it’s time for the annual Anica Music Series, hosted by The County Line on I-10. Every Thursday evening, you can enjoy free music from a variety of Texas-based artists. Zane is the fifth artist this year to grace the outdoor stage. As we continued to catch up before the show, I thought I’d ask about  “Little Too Late,” a song he released on his fourth album, “Overnight Success” in 2013. He flashes that disarming smile and then begins to tell me about a night out at a dance hall when he saw a couple gliding across the dance floor, graceful and so in sync. “But the thing is,” Zane says, “the whole time, the guy was texting on his phone, right behind her. He never missed a beat, just kept dancing, but the whole time, he was behind her head, texting.” He says it got him to thinking about relationships, and who that guy may have been texting. Was it the girl who was next in line, or was it the one who got away? The rest of the song just developed from there. What an ironic start to a classic song that continues to be a crowd-pleaser even until today.

Bringin’ Country Back

Texas Music artist Zane Williams album Bringin' Country Back with autograph

Photo:  Sonia de la Rosa

Zane released his new album, Bringin’ Country Back” late last year, and it’s been doing exactly that ever since. Having ownership as the sole writer and producer of the album gave Zane the ability to record songs true to his vision. A vision of simpler times, when country music did not get played on pop radio. “I wanted to create a laid-back, old-school country album that folks could listen to on the back porch with the sun going down,” says Zane. And, honestly, these songs could very well have played on 70’s country radio and fit in just fine. The first release from the album, “Hello World,” is a friendly reminder to enjoy the beauty and nature that surrounds us all. On “That’s Just Me,” Zane reaffirms that easy-going, take-it-all-in-stride perspective the album embraces. And, for those who may need help the first time they find themselves in a lil ol’ bar in Texas, check out “Honkytonk Situation.” Then do exactly what good ol’ Zane tells ya to do and you’ll be just fine.

Still need to download the album? Two step right on over here and remember, “Texas just ain’t a state, it’s a state of mind.”

So, as Zane Williams keeps on keepin’ on, be sure to check out all his social media pages and stay posted with all his happenings.  This is one Texas music artist I know you’ll want to follow.

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