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Plans for the Proposed Texas Bullet Train Route Starting to Take Shape

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On Friday, December 15, officials announced a path for the proposed bullet train which has been planned for a Dallas-to-Houston route – a major new development in this first Texas high-speed rail project.

In the planning process, a federal study has been completed according to NBC DFW which identifies that the utility route – or the path through which local transmission lines follow – would be the best plan for the proposed rail project.

The public now has a period of 60 days in which to express their concerns to federal authorities prior to a final decision being made for the proposed bullet train’s path. Construction on the project is anticipated to commence in late 2018, if not early 2019, with its first scheduled service expected for 2023. Upon completion and full implementation, the bullet train will carry passengers from Dallas to Houston in a period of approximately 90 minutes. Back in August of this year, we reported that the design and construction companies had been selected for the project and that this “…new commuter option between Dallas and Houston, has been a source of much speculation and a bone of contention for some…” Despite this, the “Texas Bullet Train” as it has been referred to, has received much attention form what has been termed as “world-class firms” by project CEO Carlos Aguilar.