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Texas Woman Tells Paramedics She Just Needs a Big Red

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Texans know the crisp, bright, sweet, and comforting taste of Big Red well, and once you have a hankering for the unique bubbly soda, nothing else will do in its place. But the Tyler-City Police Department writes in a recent Facebook post that an East Texas woman took her need for a sip of the red elixir to a whole new level.

The police department writes that paramedics and officers were called out to an older woman’s home during a welfare check. The woman had fallen, and was unable to get up, but was still making her way around her home. She refused to go to the hospital, and told the first responders,  “All I want is a Big Red to drink and I will be fine.” Understanding her needs, Sergeant Noble said they would get her one ASAP if she agreed to go on to the hospital. The bargain worked, and Sergeant Noble came through with the sweet soda right after she made it to the hospital!

When Austin 360 covered the news, commenters really attached themselves to the story that felt very Texan. “I hope Big Red gives her a lifetime supply of the life-sustaining juice!!!” Lisa Jimenez wrote.