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Texas Rangers & Dr Pepper Fan for Life, Ms. Elizabeth Sullivan Turns 106

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Ms. Elizabeth Sullivan turned 106 this year, and Chad Prather stopped in to wish her a very happy birthday as she enjoyed it with family and friends this past week! The celebrated centenarian has attributed her longevity to daily Dr Pepper which, when she turned 100, was guaranteed to her free of charge for the rest of her life by the soda company’s executive, Kirk Conger. Conger was also present at Ms. Sullivan’s birthday celebration as Prather made his rounds about the room just prior to checking in with the lovely birthday lady.

Of note in a Facebook post he made on his personal account, Prather mentioned that Ms. Sullivan takes no medications whatsoever, is still drinking three Dr Peppers per day, kept teaching high school math until she turned 90, and hasn’t missed a Texas Rangers game in 17 years! In fact, last year when Ms. Sullivan turned 105, the Texas Rangers asked her to throw the season-opening home game pitch – a feat that she proudly stepped into after practicing her overhand throws in her front yard.

At 106, this Texas great-great-grandmother is still just as much a Dr Pepper and Texas Rangers fan as she ever was, and still forming long-lasting bonds with new friends. Conger continues to visit with Ms. Sullivan after meeting over her affinity for Dr Pepper, and the two have attended a number of Rangers games in the company’s corporate suite over the past couple of years. She is one truly special lady and is shown so much love and friendship, and her appreciation of Prather’s attendance at her party was clearly vivid as she looked into his Facebook live feed seeing all the people wishing her a happy birthday.



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