Texas Roots Grow a Love of Science in New Middle-Grade Book Series

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Even more important to her are the possibilities she hopes to open up to her readers. While scientific concepts are embedded in each book, Serafina Loves Science! does much more than simply empower kids to explore science. “My goal for Serafina is that she is relatable for other little girls. They can think, ‘Wait a second, Serafina likes the Newtonian laws, Serafina’s into quantum mechanics, so I don’t feel so strange liking those things.’ They can think to themselves, ‘People make fun of me at school, but here’s Serafina doing the same thing I am—and she’s awesome!’” And it’s that seed of recognition, that seed of being understood, that she hopes will give kids permission to explore their futures in the happiest of ways.

The first two books of Serafina Loves Science! can be purchased here and here. Visit Cara Bartek’s website for fun blog posts for kids, plus news about upcoming books, and be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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