Texas Sheriff Resigns After He Got Into a Fight at Whataburger

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For most Texans, Whataburger is a happy place, and those who want to dig into a honey butter chicken biscuit usually aren’t considering getting into fisticuffs. Unfortunately, a Texas sheriff named Johnny Brown was part of a big scene at an Ellis County Whataburger where he and his brother got into a fight with a group of 21-year-olds.

When the incident occurred in early January, the Ellis County Citizen quoted a letter sent to them by one of the men who was punched. In the letter, Matthew Longoria says that the altercation began in the parking lot when the older men drove into the parking lot wildly. One of the younger men threw his arms up in disgust, so Brown and his brother confronted the group at the fast food counter. According to Longoria’s account, Brown punched his friend and the whole group got into a scuffle. He says that Brown laughed as they threatened to call the police because he was “the law.”

Obviously, the ordeal is very embarrassing to Ellis County Sheriff Johnny Brown, who Fox 4 News says was recently re-elected after his second term. Now, he admits to hitting the young man and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor where he spent one day in jail and paid $500. Then, Brown resigned, giving up his badge. His brother’s case is ongoing, but many are applauding Brown for admitting his fault and moving on.