Texas State Student Brings Mattress to the Library

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During finals week at Texas State, one student took the expression “camping out at the library” to a whole new level. She brought an inflatable mattress along with some festive Christmas blankets and a pillow to set up a little area for herself in the Albert B. Alkek library.

Xander Basson walked by and snapped a photo of the unusual sight to share on social media. It wasn’t even close to nighttime. Basson took the photo around 3:30 p.m. on a Monday, he told Feeling curious, he went back to check on her the next morning and she was still there. “I just went to look and she’s there, but she’s sleeping on her arms on the table when I walked past her. Bed is still there too.”

Though it may seem like Basson is mocking the sleepy student, he seems to see her commitment to studying with a sense of admiration. Perhaps the air mattress student has a noisy roommate or she needs far too many books to carry back to her dorm?

Basson’s tweet has already been retweeted over 2,000 times. The audience reaction is a combination of laughter and reliability. Everyone feels the time crunch around this time of year.