Atlanta Food Writer Makes Outrageous Claim That Texas Brisket Isn’t Real BBQ

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Atlanta writer Chris Fuhrmeister knew he would create controversy with his Eater article titled “Sorry, There’s Only One Legit Kind of American Barbecue.”

In his piece, Fuhrmesiter states that brisket is not proper barbecue: “If you must refer to brisket as barbecue, at least have the decency to call it “Texas-style barbecue” when you’re outside the Lone Star State.” He goes on, trying to cover his tracks: “Before I become Public Enemy No. 1 in the state of Texas, I will admit that smoked brisket, when done well, is phenomenal eating.”

Texans are taking the claim with a grain of salt, since the truth of the matter is common knowledge. Texas A&M University holds a yearly event in January called Camp Brisket where “meat science educators” have dubbed beef brisket “the centerpiece of Texas Barbecue.”

If Texas is willing to have a two-day camp at a major university celebrating brisket as barbecue, that probably outweighs a questioning article’s claim.