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Texas Traveling Made Easy in 7 Regions of Texas

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The South Texas Plains region runs from the lower edge of the Hill Country and the western edge of the Gulf Coast region down into the subtropical regions along the Rio Grande River called the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Much of the region is dry and covered with grasses and thorny brush. However, the Lower Rio Grand Valley has a unique ecosystem and is home to palm trees, subtropical woodlands and lots of tropical birds. Birdwatchers from around the world come to this region to view the various birds here, including visiting the World Birding Center, found here. The largest city in this region is San Antonio, which is possibly the most popular vacation destination in the state of Texas. San Antonio is home to an endless list of things to see and do – historical landmarks, sporting events, theme parks, shopping, and the beautiful Riverwalk, to name a few. Some of the other cities in this area, all of which have interesting and unique things to do, are Brownsville, Harlingen, Crystal City, McAllen, and Laredo.


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