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Texas on the Twitter Radar This Week: February 6, 2017

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With more tweets than you can shake a stick at, #Texas has a lot to say! A review of this week’s Twitter posts for the word “Texas” brings up some interesting and sharp humor and truth. Y’all are a creative bunch when given a platform and only a sentence or two to state your peace. From sunsets to Chris Kyle Day to a brilliant invention by a Texas son, here are the top five.

1. On Texas Sunsets

A Texas sunset by any other name, would still be as sweet…or something like that.


2. Buy a Ring, Get a Rifle

Nothing like truth in advertising! Is that the groom getting the gun, or the irate Daddy?!

3. Just Float

That’s the life, isn’t it? They’re just saying what we’re all thinking!

4. Honoring Our Military Heroes

Rest In Peace.

5. See a Need, Fill a Need

This is amazing! He saw the need, and he filled it. Fantastic!