The Free Range Exchange: Bringing New Health to Small-town Texas

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For a first timer, Workman said, “I always start with the gut. Hippocrates says it all begins in the gut, and oddly enough he was the father of western medicine.” Many medical professionals believe the standard American diet can be harmful to gut-health. First, focus on getting the gut healed, Workman suggested, then the sky’s the limit. “Even charcoal toothpaste or a natural deodorant is a great ‘gateway drug’ because a few bucks later, you realize, Wow, I’ve just been using clay under my armpits, and I actually feel better! Simple, easy starter things like that aren’t intimidating.” Black Rifle Coffee is another big draw at the shop. A military veteran founded the company, which is dedicated to employing and helping veterans. The cause is close to Workman’s heart because her father served in Iraq.

Photo: Belongia Photography and The Free Range Exchange

Workman’s biggest frustration is when customers discover great products at the Free Range Exchange but choose to buy them elsewhere online instead of supporting the local shop. “You put your life and money into this, and they just hop on Amazon. But the ones who choose to support me? They’re so worth it.” Faceless, corporate entities can never compete with what The Free Range Exchange offers: a personal connection with someone who genuinely wants the best for your life.

“I see a lot of people come through here with children who are ill,” Workman said. “The parents will say things like, I don’t know what happened—they were totally normal and responsive until X amount of time.” For some people, a comparison of the emergence of the illness with the child’s vaccination schedule suggests a dark correlation. Workman isn’t so much against vaccines as she is concerned about specific ingredients. “Do I hate polio? Well, of course, but I also don’t want my kid full of aluminum and mercury.” The Free Range Exchange is a place of peace for those on both sides of the vaccine debate. “There’s no hostility here,” Workman said. “I’ve had more people come in and say, It’s just so peaceful here.”

The Free Range Exchange is located in Post, Texas. Shop their great products online at this link and follow the Free Range Exchange on Facebook here and Instagram at this link for Workman’s funny, informative posts and photos. The shop can be reached by phone at 806-549-3016.

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