The Golden Cheeked Warbler vs Urban Sprawl

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The wildlife of the Texas Hill Country depends on the unique resources that are specific to this area. For some critters, the Texas Hill Country is the only place they call home. One little song bird in particular has won the hearts of anyone who has set eyes upon her. She is the Golden Cheeked Warbler, and she is endangered.

The Golden Cheeked Warbler called the area around Austin its home long before people settled it. The combination of Ashe Juniper trees and oak trees create the perfect, private habitat for this little bird that can be provided nowhere else. However, with the continual spread of Hill Country cities, the habitat is diminishing, placing 17 species of Hill Country wildlife on the endangered species list. To provide some relief, the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge was established just northwest of Austin in 1992 in an effort to conserve Texas Hill Country wildlife. Watch this video by Texas Parks and Wildlife about the Golden Cheeked Warbler hiding out at the refuge and how biologists are tracking this lovely bird’s progress.

Austin's Golden Cheeked Warbler