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The Thunder Rolls in the Hill Country Producing an Epic Hail Storm

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 In the late, dark hours of Tuesday evening, many were sprinting out of their beds to find tennis ball sized hail raining down on their homes and cars. The noise was astounding and deafening. Knowing the damage would be vast but that things could be worse many took to social media for lively, albeit, comical exchanges.
Photo: Stephanie Mergentime
Some levels of damage could be seen in the dark of night but dawn brought the full story. Not to mention proof of 10 p.m., half sleep-induced, ingenuity.
 Photo: Felicia Avery
It will take months to repair all of these homes and vehicles, but Texans know that the heart is in the storm as they have pulled together to check on each other and assist each other. Some have cars that can not be driven, and many kids did not make it to school today and others to work. Let’s all lend a hand at transporting those around us, like SSgt Swanton did for her friend and neighbor whose kids had no working car this morning to get to school in. It’s no wonder why this amazing woman was also just announced as AirForce HHQ CP NCO of the Year!!
 Photo: Carly Lewallen
For many, the damage will cause hardship, and rental companies are shipping in cars from all over the country to fill the needs. Seasoned repair shops are taking names for waiting lists and have given full warnings that it could take up to September to get all of these repairs done. While we sure do love to say “everything’s bigger in Texas,” I think we are all set on huge hail for a long while.