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Three Members of The Thin Blue Line Motorcycle Club Killed in Kerrville

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On Saturday, three retired police officers, who were members of the Thin Blue Line Motorcycle Club, were killed in an automobile accident in Kerrville. Four other people were taken to the hospital, and a total of nine people were injured. According to the Kerr County Sherriff’s Office, an alleged drunk driver swerved across the center stripe on Highway 16 in Kerrville, killing the three retired officers and injuring four more. The alleged perpetrator was arrested for intoxicated manslaughter and intoxication assault. The Thin Blue Line Motorcycle Club is grieving the tragic loss of its members.

Three Members of The Thin Blue Line Motorcycle Club Killed in Kerrville

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The deceased officers and the four others hospitalized were part of the Thin Blue Line Motorcycle Club. The club was in Bandera over the weekend to celebrate the organization’s 11th birthday. Members of the club are comprised of retired and active law enforcement officers and military service people. On Saturday afternoon, several members decided to make the drive to Kerrville to enjoy the scenery and have a long lunch, then the day turned unexpectedly tragic.


Joseph Paglia, one of the deceased, was a retired Niles City, Illinois Police Officer. Paglia also had served as the motorcycle club’s president of the Chicago chapter.


Jerry Wayne Harbour was from Houston. He was a retired pilot and a retired U.S. Army veteran. During his time in the army, Harbour had obtained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.


Michael White was also retired from the U.S. Army. He had served in Chicago as a Community Services Officer and was the secretary of the club’s Chicago chapter.

Three Members of The Thin Blue Line Motorcycle Club Killed in Kerrville

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The club’s Public Information Officer released a statement regarding the incident which included the following, “Please join Thin Blue Line LEMC and Law Enforcement from around country in praying for these brave men and their families. These men who spent their lives serving our Country and their communities with valor and honor.”

The details of the incident are continuing to be investigated by Texas DPS. The name of the alleged drunk driver is not being released at this time.